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2018 11-06
Comfortable life starting with a soft&cool T-shirt Soft foil metallic heat transfer vinyls is suitable for clothing, bags, shoesand hats, trademarks and foreign trade export products. In addition to playinga safe role, it can also make the products more beautiful and improve thegrade, thus
2018 07-27
Pearl heat transfer vinyl ordinary pu heat transfer vinyl is matteeffect, glitter,hologram,and metallic are glossy effect. However,because those material not madefrom 100% pu,so the washing effect is not good. Is there a heat transfer vinyl that both havepu flexibi...
2018 07-27
How to choose printable heat transfer vinyl Compared with cutting heat transfer vinyl,printable heat transfer vinyl can print colorful patterns and increase theappreciation of clothing. In the current market situation where there are manysuppliers with high demand and high competitio...
2018 06-23
Do you have a jersey for 2018 FIFA World Cup? The World Cup is the supreme belief of every football player. As the World Cup progresses, its surrounding derivatives have also attracted public attention. Among them, the most worth notable is that the fans have always been crazy pursuit ...
2018 06-14
Father’s Day Gift Idea Father’sday is coming soon. Have you prepared gift for your father? Dad deserves acustom gift this Father's Day! A DIY t-shirt with HTV will be an impressedgift. Haveyou ever tried using heat transfer vinyl before? It is SO easy, and
2018 05-28
Reasons and solutions about heat transfer vinyl curled edge For heat transfer vinyl in the heat press process encountered curled edge / ironing is not strong phenomenon,Qingyi engineers from many aspects to analyze the reasons, at the same time for the reasons to put forward corresponding solutions....
2018 05-28
What’s the difference between heat transfer vinyl and PVC heat transfer vinyl? After many years continuous research and development, Qingyi company has set up and developed Q1-Q9 series of nine heat transfer vinyl, in which customers often consult what’s the difference between heat transfer vinyl and PVC heat tr...
2018 05-28
Apparel processing factory shouldn’t ignore problems like those. Inthe past, we’re depth analysis issue that customer are concerned, detailed totell you why. Today, we have new and old customers questions, answer quickly, moderatedifficulty,see our performance! Howto judge TPU heat transfer vinyl i...
2018 05-22
How to decorate T-shirt with heat transfer vinyl Summer is coming, and T-shirts appear. How to make your T-shirt different? Usuallypeople choose the heat transfer vinyl to decorate their own T-shirt, differentpatterns, different letters, it looks really cool. The heat transfer vinyl is...
2018 05-22
The fashion life starts from your tshirt Theworld is developed and culture is being exchanged. So there was a noun called"Fashion". "Fashion" is the result of the collision ofvarious elements. Differentclothes are one of the manifestations. Different designs create differentclot...

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