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Founder Story


Kenteer FounderThis is Nancy Weng, who was born in a little seaport village called Shacheng Harbour in Fujian province.I had been to study abroad in Singapore during my university . And I came back in 2010, worked at a listed company and then as a purchasing manager in a foreign trade corporation. I learned lots of processes of purchasing management patterns of foreigner, and those were good for my own company.

The Reason why I Run My Own Business

My husband has a Qingyi heat company in Jinjiang , In the second half of 2002, he insisted that I should take charge of foreign trade there. Although I was interested in foreign trade management, I had any experience about it. I had no idea to lead a team which has foreign trade experience for almost eight years. We reached a consensus in 2013, that he will change his company into domestic trade, and I run another foreign trade company ------ Kenteer new material science and technology company in Xiang'an Industry Area, Xiamen . As a subsidiary of Qingyi company, Kenteer set up a special study group to develop new products for foreign market .

Troubles in running business

I determined to move into Xiamen from Jinjiang for decorating my own company and new house. In Several days,My doctor notified me that I was pregnant, i was excited but, my mother was diagnosed that she was suffering from colon cancer, this bad new really shock me and brought me into darkness. During that special time, I had to drive to Jinjiang from Xiamen for my company decoration with a big belly , then drive to Fuzhou for looking after my mother, and then back to Jinjiang for some business of head office , For me that was a really bad time before I realize that there was a worst time as follow. My mom was leaving forever. What a mess!? she brought me up ,but I haven’t treat her with filial respect.

However, I am thankful for my parents, without their supports I can not accomplish much like today. And I am thankful for my insistence and devotion for my own business.

We start to hiring staff in Feb 2013, and after some months my company were really to take orders. At the end of 2013, we took an order from Suki from Germany. It was a big trial of us which requested the highest standard for personalized heat transfer stickers, Suki requested us to cut down each sticker and hung tags, finally packed them together. There is a high requirement of washing test ,fastness and color of stickers. Due to the limited of packed people in workshop, all my staff went to workshop and packed the products together , finally we were not only finish in time but also got the recognition of customer finally. Since that time, my company was operating normally

Investing in equipment in 2014

We invested a lot for equipment in order to produce high-quality heat transfer stickers, such as four-line automatic silk screen printing machine ,it can print 1500 to 2500 times per hour , which is different from printing 500 to 800 times per hour on semi-automatic printing machine, It improved the productivity and the quality, but also shorten the deliver date. What ‘s more, more and more international brunch began to corporate with Kenteer, such as Disney, HM, and so on.

Our company became stronger since June of 2014

During 2014, Kenteer took part in Orange Warm of Alibaba held by Xiamen chamber of E-commerce, during more than 30 days and nights with our hard working, we finally got the No.1 ! compete with many foreign trade companies who had more than 10 year trade experience! Our profit rose from twenty thousand per month to more than a million per months!

Set up a pension rule for parents of staffs

I am grateful for my working partners who were willing to follow me and experienced many difficulties with Kenteer . In addition, because the hurt of life, the sorrow of my mom’s pass away, I realize that we should thank for our parents, as a head master of Kenteer I should feel grateful for my staffs’ parents. So I determined to set up a rule of pension for my staffs, ‘Kenteer will give our workers pension in advance only if we benefit, Kenteer will give 200 yuan per month to 1 thousand per month from the 13th month only if you worked in Kenteer more than 12 months.’ that was my promise , and I did .

Investing new coating equipment to produce hot melt adhesive film and heat transfer vinyl

We instantly invested more into research new products while our team became bigger and bigger. Kenteer invested coating equipment for producing hot melt adhesive film,heat transfer glitter vinyl ,reflective heat transfer vinyl ,flock heat transfer vinyl etc. Three in one coating process was a new technology in heat transfer printing industry at that time , and it can satisfy the need of storage and the emergence demand of market. Foreign heat transfer vinyl was produced by gathering with all effects of different vinyls,while Kenteer produced high quality vinyl whose effect of each layer was processed by auto-coating , and our coating process made the color of vinyls more clear,fresh and nice.

Build up the third research group

Kenteer succeed in researching a new anti-sublimation heat transfer vinyl, which was high quality at nice price, the property of anti-sublimation heat transfer vinyl was recognized by customer. After running my own business for such a long time ,I found out that the picture and the heat transfer effect of different kinds of fabrics was the most important requirement for customers. For that, we built three research group to researching heat transfer adhesive vinyls, the process of heat transfer stickers , and heat transfer materials.


In personally, I don’t think running a company just need one year or two year, Kenteer has a small scale at present, but what I wanted is to running a century enterprise which has hundreds of experience in the future.

I am really grateful for my husband , due to his persist of heat transfer print , I fell in love with heat transfer printing . Now,I can't stop loving heat transfer printing industry, it is not connected with profit or sale, it is a important part of my life now, like the blood of my body. So I never stop to researching and develop new products, Kenteer has three research and develop groups, which is the best research and develop team in this filed. Fortunately, my work partners they are interested in heat transfer printing like me, we love out products, and we reach a consensus that heat transfer printing will be a continuous creation of beauty for shoe industry, garment industry and bag industry, we trusted that Kenteer will be a light star of textile industry.

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