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Why it can't be transfer print and the film easy be off after washing?

Key: Because customer use hot pressing machine made in china(60*80), add a warm-resistance layer, and customer often transfer print ready-to-wear clothes or polo shirts(collar, leg openings and waist band isn't in the same level line), the press machine clean one time after 30days.

A. About equipment: the pressing machine should change its pressure to 8-10kg because customer wants to transfer print ready-to-wear clothes. The platform of machine is too big. The pressure isn't enough, the temperature as wel, and customer add a warm-resistance paper, it is far away from the requirement (temp160 degrees, 10seconds) of our machine.

So there are 4 reasons : The surface of fabric is not in the same level line, the pressure isn't enough, the temperature is too low, warm-resistance paper adding.

B.About air pressure machine: user should clean the water out of machine otherwise it is easy to get bad ,which will make all temps and pressure unstable.Especially in rainy day , air compressor absorb much more water in the air. If you don't take any meassure it will effect on fastness and wash.

C. Silicon pad should use imported one,because it is soft enough,and the price is  higher than machine made in china,silicon pad made in Shanghai is cheap but too hard. Why user should use imported silicon ? Because customer wanted to transfer print ready-to-wear clothes, if silicon pad too hard it not easy for clothes to stretch.

D. Suggest customer use hydraulic press machine, it is suitable for transfer printing ready-to-wear clothes. Cause the pressure and temperature is enough. Our air press machine is good and suit for customer's need.

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