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What is the classification of the machine?

Pyrography machine can the various pyrograph by thermal transfer hot in the cotton, linen, chemical fiber fabrics, screen printing, paste, foaming process heat treatment can be carried out and can be color color, portrait, landscape design and other baked porcelain, metal plate, and is especially suitable for making medals, commemorative card, cultural Shandeng, economical and practical, elegant designs. It is replacing the traditional embroidery and silk screen printing, while the cost and effect is much lower than the general embroidery and multi - color screen printing.


According to the hot plate shape and function: plate heat transfer machine (mainly used for clothing and fabric size set), the hot cup machine (hot cylindrical objects can be, generally used for cup), hot cap machine (with arcs, generally used for finished cap), hot plate machine (also is the plane, but can be hot stamping porcelain metal and other hard surface).

According to the engine operation: manual pyrographing machines, pneumatic bronzing machine, hydraulic press machine; or manual pyrographing machines, semi-automatic pyrography machine, full automatic bronzing machine.

According to the agency: ordinary type, high pressure type, shake head type, pressure type, oil type, etc.

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