FAQs of dark-color Eco-solvent printable vinyl

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FAQs of dark-color Eco-solvent printable vinyl

To be honest, the price of dark color printable iron on vinyl can attract customers, but generally we recommended dark printable heat transfer vinyl for customers. Now share with you some points for heat press dark-color printable vinyl.Dark color printable heat transfer vinyl

1. Before heat press what shall we care about ?

Before heat press, purchasing vinyl should care about its price and quality, in addition, should confirm the safety of shipping of heat transfer vinyl. For example: If heat transfer vinyl is not wrapped, the paper tube will be deformed, wrinkles and scratches of surface will result in bad impressions. For wrapping heat transfer vinyls, Kenteer take measures for protecting each roll with two plugs, and use plastic bag to ensure that product will not deformed when be stressed. Suggest customers that when buy dark-colored printable heat transfer vinyl should test sample first, so that you can clearly know whether the  heat transfer vinyl they purchased meet customer's requirements.

2. What shall we pay attention to when heat press?

Temperature, pressure and time are the most important elements for operate printable heat transfer vinyl.Temperature will melt glue, bond patterns and fabrics; pressure will make the penetrate of glue better; time will promote glue melt, penetrate and curing. In addition, choose heat press machine is also important. Heat press machines, cutting plotter, print&cut machine all make big different for the result of printable iron on vinyl. Peeling way of printable heat transfer vinyl including cold and hot peeling, different peeling way will lead to different effect.

3. After heat press, what issues shall we pay attention to?

We should pay attention to the placement of printable iron on vinyl and the placement of substrate after heat press. For place printable heat transfer vinyl, they should be packaged well, don’t be exposed to the air, don’t place at high-temperature place, pay attention to the shelf life about printable iron on vinyl. For placement of substrates, don’t press them with force, placed evenly or hang with  drying rack.

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