FAQs of heat transfer decorative film

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FAQs of heat transfer decorative film

1.Reasons of price changing:

Look at the situation of the market, because of the adjustment of produce process, the improvement of production efficiency, and orders also increased,  those reasons make the price changes, however after test the quality of sample you will know that the quality is the same,just the price get lower.Heat tranfer decorative film

2.Why is the heat transfer decorative film cheaper than the heat transfer film?

The heat transfer film is a blank film to coated 6 times release agent and then through other steps, the process steps of the decorative film is easier than heat transfer film. Different technology and procedures etc. lead decorative film cheaper than heat transfer film.

3.Operation problems:

(1)Not easy to be positioned: recommend customer to use laser cutting machine, it will be more convenient.Heat tranfer decorative film

(2)Yellow side: equipment and materials can’t match, in addition to the product problems,the firepower of laser cutting machine may lead to this problem.

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