Why the cloth pattern will become?evident after heat press?

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Why the cloth pattern will become?evident after heat press?

Cut down the pattern with cutting machine and weed the extra vinyl, then heat press onto clothing, bags and other textiles, this is use process of heat transfer vinyl. After heat press , some fabrics pattern will become evident, why? what kind of heat transfer film will show good effect after heat press? Let us welcome vice president Mr.Wang of Kenteer company to share the reasons after.

Enterprise standard reason for cloth pattern become evident after heat transfer

Kenteers heat transfer film meet enterprise standard, different series of films have standard thickness, such as the effective thickness of Q1 TPU flex heat transfer vinyl is 110-120um, the total thickness with PET flim is 210-220um, we test our vinyl on cotton fabric, the fabric line are straight, the surface of fabric is flat.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Standard reason for cloth pattern become evident after heat transfer has two reasons as following:

1. Standard products are all suitable for knitting, chemical fiber, blended, for bag clothing which the lines are thick,its pattern is easy to turn evident.

Heat Transfer Vinyl For Bag

2. Heat press factors are very important: such as double print (press twice), the pressure is too heavy, heat press time is too long, the temperature setting is too high.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Machine

So, when the customers purchase the vinyls, we must firstly understand the printing fabric,the effect after heat press ,and heat press process etc.

From the principle of heat transfer to explain why cloth pattern become evident after heat press

The principle of thermal transfer: take a sticker (ready-to-use material)through heating and pressurized

, let the glue melt and combine with the fabric, so that the sticker and the fabric can fit perfect.

Heat Press

If the fabric pattern is too thick, and amount of glue all melted into the cloth. At the same time ,the color of vinyl also penetration into the cloth with the glue, so the cloth pattern will be evident on the surface of vinyl pattern (after press), affecting the nice effect of pattern. Heat pressure is too heavy, the temperature is too high, the time is too long, itll melting the adhesive layer and the color layer, which will make the cloth pattern become evident.

Heat Press Vinyl

If you want to choose vinyl for thick-line clothing, we recommended you to use anti-sublimation vinyl and other thickening vinyl. If you require good durability after washing, please pay attention to those three principles of heat press (temperature, pressure, time).

Anti-Sublimation Heat Transfer Vinyl

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