How to avoid glue overflowing when heat press?

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How to avoid glue overflowing when heat press?

Glue overflowing means the phenomenon while we heat transfer vinyl, the hot melt adhesive films melt and stay in the surface of substrate. For example, when we heat transfer black heat transfer vinyl onto the dark fabric, glue overflowing is very serious, which is the most common and troublesome problem, but what is the solution?

To find the reasons for glue overflowing we need to understand what is the principle of thermal transfer firstly. Heat transfer is a process to heat press the vinyl through heat press machine, a beautiful pattern will transfer to cloth (through heating and pressing). In other word, it is a process,firstly heating and pressing in a certain period of time , then glue melt and penetrate into the substrate, after the glue become cold, pattern will be closely to the substrate.

Heat Press Vinyl

In this process, The keys of heat transfer are: temperature, time and pressure.If one of those factors is not handled properly, it will lead to bad result after heat press.

Usually happen overflow glue have some reasons.

1.Not enough pressure

If pressure is not enough, will directly lead hot melt adhesive can’t penetrate into the substrate, after melting and the glue will stay in the substrate surface;

2.High temperature, short time

If just want to improve working efficiency, set high temperature and short time for heating, it will easily lead hot melt adhesive just melted and become cold before it penetrated into the substrate , resulting hot melt glue still stay in the substrate surface.

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

3.Heat press equipment reasons

Currently there are a lot of heat press machine brand on the market, different manufacturer's standards, customer familiarity, service awareness are not the same, especially the temperature, pressure, heating plate,heating pad and other standards, they are different.

Silicone pad

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