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01Hundreds of pollution-free level workshop

As we all know that PM less than 2.5 will do harm to people, but for our industry, temperature and humidity are the most important factor which always confused us. In that case, we invested much money and time to building a Hundreds of pollution-free level workshop, control the temperature and humidity of workshop, in order to keep good quality of our product.

02Independent R&D team, guarantee the quality of production.

We have proffesional R&D team with four indepent laboratories, we carried out on the material quality inspection, including raw material, coating, surface, release, make sure our product can be produced in stardar quality.

03Authoritative certificate

As global economy develops fast, nowadays environment protect is a new pursue of human beings. For us, ‘make image transfer more simper’ is our mission, building century enterprises is our idea ! In that case, after dozens of success testing within each year, we apply to Oeko-tex for environmental friendly certificate for our heat transfer material and Grade A heat transfer stickers.

04Advanced facilities

With society developing, labor tensions has been an important issue. In that case, we invested millions to introduce advanced foreign technology and facilities for production, we adopt standard and automatic machine instead of labors, our factory has been the most advanced and the largest production base in heat transfer printing industry.

05Strict control system

Our Chairman Xi said that ‘the metal itself, a strong hammer, refers to the one who forge the iron’’. For us, the quality of products is the most important thing which will affect the height our company reach. So, we set up a strict system to control the test of raw materials and ready products, as domino effect, a slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole. We should take responsibility for quality of products, to be the best one !


Heat Pressing on Dye Sublimated Fabrics
Heat Pressing on Dye Sublimated Fabrics

Most polyester fabrics, such as many of the popular “Performance Garments”, are dyed using a sublimation process. The dye of these fabric will migrate into the heat transfer appl...